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🆕 "Ask Me Anything" feature will change how you prep for customer calls

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

Hi everyone,

I'm thrilled to announce the release of a highly anticipated feature in our meeting recaps on desktop. You can now use the "Ask Me Anything" feature for any of your external meetings.

We believe this feature will truly revolutionize the way you experience and extract value from your meeting recaps.

It operates just like ChatGPT. You simply type your question in open text, and we'll provide you with the answers you need.

Just two weeks ago, I had a call with a prospect, and I needed to prepare for our next conversation. I asked "Ask Me Anything" four simple questions, and I was amazed by the responses:

1. What were the key decisions made in this meeting?

2. What was the customer's sentiment?

3. Were there any signs of frustration or disappointment in the meeting?

4. Send me a memorable quote from the customer that I can use in marketing materials.

Just like that, I was fully prepared for our next conversation, and my team was impressed with my flawless memory recall ;)

Keep an eye out for the purple button on your customer meeting recaps and give it a whirl!

Best regards,


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