The product team at UpdateAI

Big News: UpdateAI Achieves SOC2 Type II Compliance!

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

UpdateAI Family and Friends,

Great news! We at UpdateAI are thrilled to share that we've achieved SOC2 Type II compliance! This is a huge milestone for us. It's a big deal because it shows we're really committed to being secure and trustworthy. Plus, we learned a ton along the way. Check out our new security page at to see what we're doing to keep things safe and sound.

If you've been waiting for this moment to start using UpdateAI, now's your chance! Feel free to book some time directly with me. I’d love to chat about how UpdateAI can work for you.

In my latest blog post, I share the "Key Lessons from My Journey Leading a Startup to Its First SOC2 Success." I know SOC2 can be confusing for many startup founders, so I wanted to pass on the most important things I learned. You can find the article right here.

Here's a quick sneak peek:

  1. Understand SOC2 Beforehand: Watching a 10 minute overview on YouTube can save you countless hours of confusion.

  2. Aim for Type II Compliance: It's substantially more valuable than Type I.

  3. Start Early: Avoid missing out on potential deals due to non-compliance.

  4. CEO Involvement is Crucial: You commander-in-chief needs to have a strong grasp of the policies in place.

  5. Implement Realistic Policies: Focus on what you can genuinely uphold.

  6. Never Hesitate to Ask Questions: Your auditors are there to help, use their expertise, incessantly.

  7. Regular Check-Ins: Monthly meetings with your auditor keep the process smooth and on track.

  8. Effective Communication: A dedicated Slack channel with your auditor helps speed the process.

  9. Learn from Others: Utilize your competitors’ experiences in defining your scopes and policies.

  10. Ask other Founders: Talking to fellow founders can lead to valuable recommendations on the best compliance platform providers.

I would love for you to read the article and share your thoughts. Also, feel free to tag or forward this to anyone in your network who might be embarking on their compliance journey.

Best Wishes,

Josh and Team UpdateAI

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