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Effortless Sharing: Introducing UpdateAI's "Smart Clips™ Favorites Library" for Team-Wide Insight Collections

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

We're excited to announce the launch of our We're excited to announce the launch of our Smart Clips Favorites Library this week!

As the CEO of UpdateAI, I'm particularly enthusiastic about our Smart Clips feature. It's the most effective tool for capturing and sharing key moments from your customer interactions. No need to share entire recordings. No need to manually crop key moments.

Unique to UpdateAI, we offer the exclusive ability to trace back to the exact points in your meetings where significant generative AI insights occurred.

But what happens when you want to preserve those significant moments beyond your first glance at the meeting summary?

Our Smart Clips Favorites Library empowers you and your team to do precisely that.

With this new feature, you can create private or shared folders, compiling essential insights from all your meetings. Regardless of whether they're from internal or external discussions, you can earmark any insight as a favorite in your recaps.

Then, assign each insight to a specific folder of your choice.

In "My Library," you'll find easy access to these collections of pivotal moments.

To aid your start, we've pre-set some useful folders for categorizing these insights. So check out the favorites library today!

Coming soon: the option to share these folders with colleagues, even those not yet on UpdateAI!

I'm always here for any questions or suggestions you have. Your input is crucial for us to refine this feature and maximize its value for you.

Warm regards,


CEO, UpdateAI

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