The product team at UpdateAI

Exciting News: We've launched UpdateAI's most groundbreaking feature to date!

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

Dear Friends of UpdateAI,

I am thrilled to announce the launch of UpdateAI's most groundbreaking feature yet!

Discover the full details in my LinkedIn post this morning

This latest innovation empowers Customer Success and Account Team leaders to:

  • Identify Key Risk Themes in Upcoming Renewals: Stay ahead of potential challenges.

  • Track Product Feedback Trends: Understand customer needs more deeply.

  • Create Shareable Clip Playlists: Facilitate company-wide learning and engagement.

Transform your customer conversations from qualitative narratives to quantitative insights!

For our existing users, my colleague Kristie Gaunt is on standby to provide an exclusive walkthrough of this new feature. Secure your spot by scheduling a session through her calendar:

Looking forward to your feedback and seeing how this new feature propels your customer success strategies to new heights!

Warm regards,


CEO, UpdateAI

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