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Grab Your Spot in the 'Free Forever' Program - Time's Running Out! 🚀

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

Hi Team,

I'm thrilled by the overwhelming response to our 'Free Forever' program since its launch a few short weeks ago. It's been a testament to the value we're delivering, and now, only a limited number of spots are available.

Here's what our 'Free Forever' program offers:

  • Exclusive, complimentary access to the UpdateAI PRO plan – not just the basic one – for your entire team.

  • This opportunity is ideal for teams of 4 or more who have already experienced the benefits of UpdateAI, particularly those in SaaS organizations focusing on customer engagement.

Why is this offer so special? Because it's not just about our advanced note-taking capabilities, enhanced by our proprietary generative AI tailored for customer-facing teams. It's also your early access to our groundbreaking Customer Intelligence Engine, set to redefine how you interact with and understand your customers (learn more about this feature here).

In return for the PRO plan, we ask for your open consideration of our intelligence engine in the future. But rest assured, regardless of your decision, the PRO plan remains yours to keep.

One important note: We are accepting entries only until Thanksgiving.

To seize this exclusive opportunity, please reach out to me directly at or schedule a meeting via Remember, a decision-maker from your team should join the conversation.

For a comprehensive overview of the program, click here. You'll be in great company, alongside 20+ teams who have already made the leap.

Looking forward to seeing your team onboard.

Warm regards,


CEO, UpdateAI

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