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Introducing 3 New Features to Elevate Your UpdateAI Meeting Recording Experience!

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

Dear Friends,

We're thrilled to announce the launch of three features at UpdateAI, designed from your feedback over the past month. Our aim is to make meeting recording and analysis even more seamless for you.

1. 'Do Not Record’ List

We understand that while most enjoy the convenience of recording meetings on platforms like Zoom, Meet, and Teams, there are instances where privacy is preferred. To cater to this, we’ve introduced a 'Do Not Record' list. Workspace Owners and Admins now have the flexibility to exclude certain client accounts from automatic recording. Setting this up is a breeze and takes just two clicks.

Learn how to configure this here.

2. Upload Meeting Recordings

We're seeing an awesome trend...! Many are transitioning from other conversation intelligence platforms and notetakers to UpdateAI. In response to your requests, we now support the uploading of previous meeting recordings in .MP4 or .M4A formats. Just upload, and we'll provide comprehensive AI analysis in minutes.

Learn how to use this new capability here.

3. Invite the Bot

To ensure no important conversation slips through the cracks due to calendar mishaps or spontaneous meetings, we've introduced a manual bot-invite feature. Now, you can invite our bot to any new meeting by sharing the meeting URL through your UpdateAI portal.

Follow these simple steps to get started here.

We're excited for you to try these enhancements and hope they improve your experience with UpdateAI. As always, your feedback really matters to us, and we move on it quickly, so keep it coming!

Warm regards,

CEO, UpdateAI

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