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Dashboard Sunset Features

Introducing Advanced Filters and a Feature Sunset

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

Hey there, UpdateAI fam ,

We're stoked to roll out a couple of key updates to the platform this week:

1.) Revamped Dashboard Filters

Say hello to smarter filtering on your Upcoming and Past Meetings dashboard. What's new?

  • Persistent Filters: Set 'em once, they stay put.

  • CRM-Specific Views: Focus on key accounts.

  • Personal vs Team: See only your meetings, or include your team's.

  • Internal, External, Both: Your call.

It's all about giving you a smoother, more efficient user experience. Check out out in your dashboard.

2.) Saying Goodbye to "The Big Picture"

We remember the tug-of-war between Mickey and Josh over this feature. Josh wanted it. Mickey didn't.

Turns out, less is more.

Adding even a smidge of manual work doesn't jibe with our mission. Stats showed "The Big Picture" wasn't getting much love, so it's out.

Our goal is to cut the noise, not just in your workflow, but in our toolset too.

We're all ears for any feedback, questions, or feature requests you might have.

Here's to an awesome week ahead!


The UpdateAI Team

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