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🆕 New UpdateAI Meeting Assistant - Now on Zoom & Soon on Teams!

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to bring you a significant update today, coupled with a sincere apology for not providing advance notice.

We've just launched our "UpdateAI Meeting Assistant" (affectionately referred to as our Bot). Our apologies for any surprise caused by the unexpected appearance of our bot in some of your meetings earlier today.

Previously, UpdateAI could only access recordings from meetings where you were the host, due to Zoom's limitations on accessing cloud recordings of meetings you attend but don't host.

To address this, our "UpdateAI Meeting Assistant" will now join meetings where you're not the host to record the session, similar to bots used in other notetaking services like Gong. If the meeting host uses a waiting room, they'll need to admit the bot as they would with any participant.

This feature is currently exclusive to Zoom meetings, but we're thrilled to announce its availability for MS Teams meetings around Thanksgiving.

We've activated the meeting assistant by default for all UpdateAI accounts, but you can adjust this in your Recording Settings tab (see image below).

If you have any issues with the meeting assistant, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at, including the date and title of the meeting in question.

We're committed to enhancing your experience with more exciting features soon!

Best regards,

Josh and the UpdateAI Team

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