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Slack is BACK! And other great new features...

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

We released 3 exciting new features this week and let's start with the one that's most important to you.

Get your meeting recaps sent directly to Slack

We've always had a Slack App, but now we've made it better. Connect your Slack account and we will DM you the notes from your meetings (same info as what we email you).

Onboarding just got way easier

We learned from your feedback and experiences. It may be too late for our existing users, but not for your friends .

We would absolutely love for you to share the love about UpdateAI with your colleagues in your company-team Slack channel. We even wrote the copy you can use!

Recaps sent to your meeting invitees

For the meetings that you are the host of, UpdateAI will send a public view of the recap to all meeting invitees. This will be regardless of whether or not they attended the meeting.

You can enable or disable this feature in your settings.

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