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Unveiling UpdateAI's Latest Advocacy and Custom Insight Features

AUTHOR: The product team at UpdateAI

Hello UpdateAI Community,

We're excited to announce two major enhancements aimed at empowering account teams with deeper insights into their customers!

1. Advocacy Signal Detection in Meeting Recaps and Portfolio Insights Dashboard

We've introduced a feature to detect 'Advocacy' signals within our Meeting Recaps and Portfolio Insights Dashboard. Advocacy signals typically indicate positive mentions of your product or service. UpdateAI delves deeper, categorizing these signals into:

  • Customer Championship

  • Testimonials

  • Acquisition Channel

  • Value Creation

Our AI not only identifies these major categories but also generates specific subcategories to offer nuanced insights.

Leverage these advocacy moments to generate more Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQLs), provide your marketing team with impactful customer highlights for storytelling, and pinpoint the most valuable aspects of your product or service. Ultimately, these insights are designed to fuel revenue growth.

If you missed it, this feature builds on the recently introduced Portfolio Insights dashboard, enhancing your ability to identify customer advocates. Discover more about this on our LinkedIn post.

2A. Custom Insight Categories

Our beta testers are already thrilled with our new 'Custom Insight Categories'. This feature allows you to create bespoke categories within Churn Risk, Product Feedback, and Advocacy insights.

For instance, you can track specific feedback on your Onboarding process by creating a category like "Onboarding UX". Our AI, proudly non-reliant on keywords, understands the context, ensuring you don't miss any relevant mentions.

Learn more about custom categories in our detailed article.

2B. Enhanced Contextual Insight Accuracy

Starting today, you can add contextual descriptions to any insight category, improving the precision and relevance of our AI's detections. This context-driven approach ensures more accurate insights tailored to your business needs.

In Conclusion

Today's feature rollout significantly enhances the way you interact with and learn from customer data:

  • Explore your Portfolio Insights dashboard to identify and engage with customer advocates.

  • Utilize the new custom insight categories and context features to align insights closely with your business objectives.

  • And don't miss out on a live demo of these features with Kristie from our team. Book it here.

We're committed to continuously improving our platform to better serve your customer success and sales efforts.

Excited for you to experience these updates!


CEO, UpdateAI

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